Allow other file extensions to be included in search

It is often that I do searches for text in files, like a method use in a PHP file, or maybe something in a java file. Regardless of the situation, Windows Vista has a very limited number of file extensions flagged for full text searching, which causes you to get 'no results' when you know there are some.

* Open Control panel and type in 'indexing' into the search box (or you can do this from your start menu, but many people turn it off).
* Select 'Indexing Options'
* Select Advanced Button
* Select 'File Types' Tab
* In this list you will see a list of extensions. When you click on most of them, the bottom radio button will change from 'index properties only' or 'index properties and file contents'
* Honestly, index properties only is pretty useless for what most people will use search for (i.e. really only search by date).
* Uncheck a box to have it removed from search. This can be done for a variety of extensions that honestly, you dont want in search anyway. It will actually help your results.
* Change the radio button to 'index properties and file contents' to have these file types included in your searches (should be set for word docs, etc and any other text-based files you search for)