Fake WEI Score

Well, as I have mentioned a couple times on this site, your WEI is going to be used by software companies to determine whether or not you can run some software.

I am unsure how 'strict' they will be, but if they ever give you any hassles, you can just fake it.

This is easily accomplished by going to /Windows/Performance/WinSAT/DataStore

Finding the most recent .SAT file, and.. editing it.. using an administrator access enabled tool..

It's just an XML file, so it should be fairly obvious how to edit it.

Now, I do not know of any software yet, so it may be stored in another location as well, but most likely this is the main location for it to live.

This will obviously not make your computer faster in any way, but, it may allow you to run software that may otherwise stop you from being able to run (probably slowly though)