Remove the arrow (Shortcut Overlay) without side effects

Most Tweak programs remove the arrows by renaming or removing the IsShortCut String Values from the registry. Windows uses this value to track links, if you remove or rename the IsShortCut value lots of programs and features that use links won't work correctly -> in Vista the shortcuts in Favorite Links, Media Center and in the Games Explorer disappear or won't work anymore.

The files in the zip file below remove the arrows the same way as TweakUI does in previous Windows versions; it refers the icon to another icon. If you refer it to a completely blank icon, the overlays turn black when you restart Explorer or Log Off and Log On again. Solution: I've created a blank icon with some transparent pixels and with the same sizes as the default arrow -> no more arrows & no black overlays. smile.gif

Install: If you used a program or a reg file that removed the IsShortCut values; merge RestoreArrow.reg to restore them. Copy Blank.ico to the Windows directory from Vista, so if you installed Vista on the D drive, copy it to D:\Windows\. Merge RemoveArrow.reg and Log Off or Restart your Computer.

Windows Vista 64-bit users: Merge RemoveArrow_[C].reg if you installed Vista on your C drive, Merge RemoveArrow_[D].reg if you installed Vista on your D drive. If you installed Vista on another drive, just edit one of the RemoveArrow_[X].reg files so that it points to the Windows directory of Vista.

Uninstall: Merge RestoreArrow.reg and remove Blank.ico from your Windows directory.
Log Off or Restart your computer.