How can I disable the notification window?

To disable the Notification Balloon tips, follow the instructions below:

Note: This method requires making a change to the Windows registry. I recommend manually creating a restore point prior to making any changes in case an editing error is made.

1.Go to Start
2.Select Run
3.With the run command window open, type in: regedit.exe
4.Press Enter on your keyboard or click OK
5.In the Windows registry, navigate to the following key:


6.Single left click the "Advanced" registry entry to empty its contents in to the right pane.
7.Right click an empty area of the right pane and select New>> DWORD Value.
8.In the DWORD textbox, type in: EnableBalloonTips
9.Once this new REG_DWORD is created, double click it.
10.In the "Value data" textbox, enter the number 0.
11.Click OK
12.Exit the Windows Registry

You may have to reboot your system for this to take effect.