Make User Account Control (UAC) Stop Blacking Out the Screen

Windows Vista Business/Ultimate Users:
To get to the configuration screen for this, type in security to the start menu search box.
You should see the Local Security Policy as the top search item.
In the Local Security Policy window, browse down to Local Policies \ Security Options.
Over in the right hand part of the window, scroll down near the bottom and find the item titled “User Account Control: Switch to the secure desktop when prompting for elevation”
Double-click on the item, and change it to disabled and then click OK.
Note: This does make your system slightly less secure, so be warned.

Windows Vista Home Users:
Press the Windows key, type regedit and press Enter. Browse down to this registry key:
You should see a key called PromptOnSecureDesktop. Double-click this and change the value to 0