Avoid Burning Coasters

Here are some very important tips how to configure the system to avoid burning coasters:

* When using Win95 OSR2 or Win98 change the workstation Typical Role from: Desktop computer -> Network server

This must be done here:

* [START] -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Performance -> File System -> Typical role of this computer

This will increase the system file-system cache settings from 32/677 paths/files to 64/2729 paths/files. This will be very helpful for burning On-The-Fly.

* Disable the Auto insert notification for the CD-Writer & CD-ROMs).
This is done here (read the note below):

* [START] -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager -> CDROM -> Device Name -> Settings

* When having problems burning On-The-Fly, just use CD-Writer software, like Nero or CDRWIN, to first create a CD Image on harddisk and then to write the CD-R from the image.

* Use a separate disk partition/harddisk to burn from as this partition can be formatted to avoid fragmentation. If there is only one partition then regularly defragment the harddisk, containing the files which are to be burned.
Right-Click on the disk-icon and select Properties. Click the Tools tab and click Defragment Now. This can take some time to complete depending how often this has been done and how big the drive is.