Intel® Core™2 Processor with vPro™ Technology

Push productivity to new levels while reducing costs by upgrading to desktop PCs with Intel® Core™2 processor with vPro™ technology. Featuring industry-leading multi-core performance¹ along with built-in security and manageability, Intel vPro technology is designed from the ground up to keep downtime to a minimum and productivity at an all time high.

Giving your business the ultimate competitive advantage, new PCs with Intel® Core™2 processor with vPro™ technology can help reduce operating costs and increase user productivity, while enhancing network security. Upgrading can help avoid the escalating software and hardware support costs of older PCs while reducing system downtime. Plus, new power-efficient designs can aid in keeping energy costs low, while built-in security features help combat the expense of security threats.

* PCs with Intel® vPro™ technology
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* White paper: Intel® Centrino® with vPro™ Technology and Intel® Core™2 Processor with vPro™ TechnologyFiletype/Size: PDF 2.32MB

Features and benefits

Remotely configure, diagnose, isolate, and repair infected PCs, even if they're shut down or the OS is unresponsive.³

Remotely shut down, wake up, and update PCs more securely during off hours equating to less user downtime and reduced energy costs.²

Conduct hardware and software inventory up to 94 percent faster², saving on IT resources while maintaining accurate asset inventory to ensure you're only paying for software you're actually using.

Get leading industry support from manageability and security independent software vendors (ISVs) such as Symantec, LANDesk, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, and more that take advantage of hardware-assisted Intel® Core™2 processor with vPro™ technology.

Decrease energy requirements without compromise to performance with hafnium-based 45nm Intel® Core™ microarchitecture, helping meet ENERGY STAR* requirements by reducing power consumption up to 50 percent.φ

Remain compliant with next-generation management standards that are more extensible and secure than ASFΔ with support for next-generation communication protocols such as WS-MAN and DASH.

Get breakthrough performance on Microsoft Windows Vista* and support for 64-bit multithreaded software with powerful integrated Intel® Graphics enabling full Aero* graphics support without the expense of an external graphics card.

Bottom line, Intel® Core™2 processor with vPro™ technology enables your business to get the most out of desktop PCs while reducing the burden on IT and lowering the cost of ownership. And now more than ever, that's good for business.

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