Troubleshooting Computer System

# If you use your computer more than a few hours per day, we suggest you not to turn off your computer at the end of the day. Instead turn off only the monitor to save electricity. Daily power up and down makes the components exposed to high and low temperature cycles that are not good for the life-time of the components, particularly the critical ones such as hard drives, CPU, and memory. The temperature cycle would result in expansion-shrinking cycle for the components. The lifetime of electronic components would be increased if they were run at constant temperature with adequate ventilation.

# If your area experiences a few times of power outage per year, it is necessary to use a UPS. Sudden power downs while the system is running may cause severe damage to hard drives.

# A tape backup and a lock to make systems hard to move are worthy investment for critical data.

# Use your hand to touch and feel the cover of your computer at least once a week. The cover should be at room temperature. If it feels warms there may be a problem! Check to make sure that the cooling fans on power supply and CPU are working properly. Clean the air pathway on the back of the power supply on a regular basis.