.NET Installation Cleanup Utility

The .NET Installation Cleanup Utility is designed to allow you to manually remove .NET software from your computer in the event of a failed installation or un-installation. You may have experienced problems with Windows Updates failing on .NET installations or service packs or even with manual installations.

On occasion it is possible for Windows Installer to become damaged if installing or uninstalling a specific piece of software or an update consistently fails on your computer and you want to remove any leftover files and settings before trying again. It is also possible for your computer's registry becomes corrupt for various reasons. Corruption can also happen if someone inadvertently changes a registry setting used by the Windows Installer. Another cause can be if you are installing software that uses Windows Installer (for example, .NET Framework 1.0, 1.1 or 2.0) and it gets interrupted during the installation.

When you download the Installation Cleanup Utility, simply run the cleanup_tool.exe file. It does not need to be installed. When you run it you will see a dialog box that lists all programs that can be cleaned up with this version of the Installation Cleanup Utility. Keep in mind that you will have to reinstall any versions of the .NET framework that you have the utility remove.
When you select a product and click Cleanup Now, the Installation Cleanup Utility will remove all file, registry, and Windows Installer information associated with the selected programs, including the entries for the programs in Add/Remove Programs. The information that will be removed is listed in the accompanying file cleanup.ini. If you remove the settings for a product that is currently installed on your computer, you must reinstall the product in order to use it again.

This version of the Installation Cleanup Utility will work properly on all 32-bit Windows operating systems beginning with Windows 95. In order to clean up Windows Installer-based products, you must have a version of Windows Installer installed on your computer.

Click here to download the .NET Installation Cleanup Utility. Note that onlinecomputertips.com cannot guarantee the safety of this software so use this it as well as any other software you download online at your own risk.