Troubleshooting Video Cards

Here are some basic trouble shooting tips for video cards:

* Check that the card is seated properly in its expansion slot. Some AGP cards have design flaws and are ?well-known? to ?pop out? during transportation. For PCI cards, if the problem still exists, try a difference PCI expansion slot.

* Ensure the display cable is securely fastened to the card?s display connector.

* Make sure that the display and computer are plugged in and receiving power.

* If necessary, disable any built-in graphics capabilities on your motherboard. For more information, see your computer?s manual.

* Make sure you selected the appropriate display device and graphics card when you installed your enhanced driver.

* If you problems during start-up, start your computer in Safe Mode. In Windows 98, press the F8 key when ?Starting Windows 98? appears; or, in Windows 98 press and hold the CTLR key until the Windows 98 Startup Menu appears on the screen. Then select the number for Safe Mode, and press Enter.