An ActiveX control on this page is not safe." How can I fix?

If you are trying to use one of Help and Support's listed troubleshooters to fix a specific issue, you may receive the following error message:

An ActiveX control on this page is not safe.
Your current security settings prohibit running unsafe controls on this page.
As a result, this page may not display as intended.

A known work-a-round for this issue is to change a setting in Internet Explorers Internet Zone. Here's how:

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Go to Tools>> Internet Options
3. Click the Security tab.
4. Under "Security level for this zone", click the Custom Level button.
5. Scroll the "Settings" list to find an entry titled: "Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe"
6. Once you've found the above entry title, tick the "Enable" entry. Click OK.
7. Exit all windows.
8. Attempt the Help and Support troubleshooter once again.
9. When you have successfully completed the troubleshooting task, go back in to Internet Explorer Security Zone and change the above setting back to "Disable".