Windows XP Random Reboots

When Windows XP encounters a problem, it is programmed to reboot itself in an attempt to fix the error. If Windows XP is not fixing the errors and you continue to reboot randomly, then it may be necessary to find out what is causing this behavior.

By turning off the "Automatic Restart" feature, you will force Windows to show the actual error. Once you have this information, you can supply it to a support professional for troubleshooting purposes. Here's how to set this up:

1. Go to Start>> Right-click on My Computer and choose Properties.
2. Click on the Advanced tab
3. Under the Startup and Recovery category, click Settings.
4. Locate the "Automatically Restart" entry and uncheck the checkbox.
5. Click Apply, then OK.

Now, when an error is encountered, your system will not automatically reboot, but instead, it will show the actual error message that is causing the issue.

Note: Be sure to have a pen and paper handy to copy the message.