TweakUI from Microsoft

System Requirements:
Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 98 or Windows 95.

How to Download:

1. Create a folder by right-clicking on the desktop, click New, and then click Folder. Type a name for the folder. I named mine PowerTools.
2. Click the TweakUI link below. In the File download dialog box that appears on your screen, click Save Program to Disk.
3. In the Save As dialog box, choose to save the file in the folder you just created, then click Save.
4. Open the folder and double-click the downloaded file. This may create several new files in your folder. Among these, look for "Read Me" or "INF" files.
5. The "Read Me" file will contain any additional download information you need to know. To install the file, right click the .INF file and click Install

Note: There's a bug in this installer (it's been there since the very first release, except for the new version for Windows XP). If it prompts you to insert a disk or specify the location of the Tweakui files, just point to the folder containing the files you just unzipped, and click OK.