General Computing Tips

JavaScript Tip - Quick Back Button

If you are just getting started using JavaScript, then this will be a very easy and helpful way to get to know it. If you would like to find hundreds of other free scripts out here on the Internet, just type in "Free Javascripts" into your favorite search engine and you will see tons to choose from.

In this tip, if your visitor clicks on the provided text, they will be sent back to the web page that they previously visited. I have used this JavaScript before inside of popup windows.


1. Copy the above script and paste it in a blank notepad page.
2. Re-copy it to your clipboard.
3. Place your curser on the spot you would like your link to appear on the page and then switch to HTML view.
4. Paste the script in the spot your curser is blinking.
5. Save your changes and then switch back to Normal View.

Add to Favorites - JavaScript Tip

Copy the script below and then paste it into a blank note pad (or other text editor) page. Then re-copy it to your web page.
This part goes in the <> section.

Copy the script below and then paste it into a blank note pad (or other text editor) page. Then re-copy it to your web page.

Free Wi-Fi High Speed Internet Access

It is important to know that free access is unsecured. So, if you are going to do some online banking or ordering online using a credit card, your personal information could be compromised.

Most locations that you find that offer free Internet access will not have any restriction, but there are some that may require one or more of the following:

* You may be required to be a guest at their facility.
* You may be required to make a purchase before receiving a login and password.
* Some may ask some survey questions as part of a login process.

Below, you will find a listing of several businesses and institutions that typically offer Free Wireless Internet Access.

* Academic Locations:

You may find that in most of the larger institutions, they will control the Internet access and restrict it to students and staff only. But, there are many that offer free Internet access with no restrictions.

* Cafes, coffee shops, restaurants:

You will find that many of these locations provide free wireless Internet access without any restriction. Some may require a purchase in order to obtain a login and password.

* Hotels, Motels and Resorts:

Most of these locations offer free access to their guests only. But, you will also find many that have no restrictions at all.

* Libraries:

More and more cities are now offering free wireless Internet access to the public. In some cases, you may need to obtain a library card to gain a login and password. Also, many public libraries have software in place that restrict access to questionable sites.

* RV Parks and Campgrounds:

Many of these locations will require a login and password to gain access to their network.

* Vacation Rental Properties:

These locations will require a login and password to gain access to their network.

WLAN Radio Frequency Range

The range of a wireless product cannot be solely controlled by the product itself. There are many variables that factor in to a wireless products range abilities.

Signal interference can be broken into three main categories:

* Physical interference such as from walls, through floors and ceilings, and other permanent fixtures in the vicinity.

* Hidden physical interference, like from materials in your walls that cause signal deterioration.

* Electromagnetic interference which is nothing more than a radio wave interfering with another radio wave. Such as, a microwave that is in use will interfere with the signal of another radio wave device.

A typical WLAN can achieve a range of 500 feet (164 meters) depending on the number of obstacles that it encounters. If extended coverage is required, you can always use additional access points to accomplish this.

Low Laptop Battery Alarm

If you would like to set up a low battery warning alarm for your laptop, here's how:

1. Go to Start>> Control Panel>> Power Options>> Alarm tab
2. Using the slider, select the desired setting.
3. Click Alarm Action of the alarm notification type and the power level you would like it set at.

Alarm notification settings are:

* Sound Alarm
* Display Message

Alarm Action choices are:

* Standy by
* Hibernate
* Shutdown

4. Apply all of your changes and exit all windows.

Note: The described Power Options in Control Panel may vary with your computer depending on its hardware configuration.

If the Low Battery Alarm will not function, it may be because the Power Meter is not on the taskbar.

Refer to the MSKB link below for assistance:

The Tablet PC

You may have seen someone operating a large screen monitor with a pen. This more than likely is a Tablet PC. Tablet PC's are a great mobile solution for people on the go. Here are just a few of the features in Tablet PC's powered by the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system:

A pen takes the place of a mouse. Using the pen, you can perform a variety of functions such as:

* Select files
* Drag and Drop
* Open files
* Handwrite notes and communications

There are a number of companies manufacturing Tablet PC's. The major differences in these Tablet PC's are:

* Screen size
* Processing speed
* Design

The three different styles of Tablet PC's that are available are:

<>The Convertible:
This Tablet PC has a keyboard and looks much like a conventional Laptop PC. The convertible's screen rotates 180 degrees so that the screen can be laid flat on the keyboard to make it more comfortable when reading and writing.

<>The Slate:
This Tablet PC is a super light weight with a very slim design. Some of these models can come with a detachable keyboard.

<>The Rugged:
This model Tablet PC has a couple of very rugged features such as:

* Industrial strength shell
* Shock mounted hard drive

The rugged Tablet PC is perfect for those that work in particularly harsh environments.

All of these Tablet PC's include docking solutions. Once docked, you will be able to connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Avoid SPIM

SPIM is the instant messaging version of SPAM. If you use AOL Instant Messaging, MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger then you are already familiar with SPIM. Basically, SPIM is an unwanted instant message that tries to force feed a product or service to you.

In this tip I will show you how you can avoid receiving these unwanted messages.

In AOL 9.0:

1. Click the "More Options" button
2. Select "IM Settings"
3. Click the "Privacy and Security" tab
4. Select the "Allow only people on my buddy list" button

Note: AOL's free AIM software does not have these options.

In MSN Messenger:

1. Go to Tools>> Options
2. Select Privacy
3. Place a checkmark next to the following entry: "Only people on my Allow List can see my status and send me messages"

In Yahoo Messenger:

1. Go to Messenger>> Privacy Options
2. Select "Ignore List"
3. Place a checkmark next to the following entry: "Ignore anyone who is not on my Messenger List"

Protect your children while online

The Internet can be a very dangerous place for young impressionable children out looking for fun. There are online predators in chat rooms that lay and wait for unsuspecting kids. Before allowing children to access the Internet, be sure to have a few rules in place and that they understand the importance of following these simple rules:

1. Never give our your full name, address or phone number to anyone you don't know.
2. Never give out your Internet password to anyone, even if they say they're from your Internet service.
3. Never agree to meet with anyone without first checking with your parents. If you do agree to meet, make sure that it is in a public place and that your parents are present.

It is increasingly important to ensure that your kids are surfing safely as the rise in Internet crimes becomes more and more common. There are several programs that can help with this, however, parental supervision is the most important tool for keeping children out of dangerous situations online.

A couple of programs to look at are:

<>iProtectYou Pro Web Filter v7.07 is an Internet filtering and Parental control software program that allows parents, schools and libraries to protect children from harmful information on the Internet.
<>CyberPatrol's Internet safety software lets you take control of your Internet access ...even when you can't be there!

Buying a Desktop or a Laptop?

I often get asked what is best to buy, a desktop or a laptop computer? There are things that you need to consider when deciding on this. I have outlined a few of these below:

* Are you looking for a more mobile solution? Are you going to be carrying your computer around the house and using it at different locations? Do you travel a lot and have a need for a mobile computer? Do you go on frequent business trips where a laptop computer would be handy to have? If you answered yes to any of these questions above, then you will be better off with a laptop computer.

* Laptops will have a better resale value than desktop computers.

* If your don't really have a need for mobility, but space is a definite consideration, then you can always buy a slim-line desktop computer.

* You will get more functionality with a desktop computer for the same price as a laptop.

* If you work heavily with graphics programs or action games, you may enjoy the screen resolution and better functionality of a desktop computer.

* If you are looking for a computer that you can upgrade in the future, then you will need a desktop computer.

* If you work on a computer for extended periods of time, you may want a desktop computer for the larger screen size available, better screen resolution and larger keyboard.

* If your laptop is out of warranty, keep in mind that laptop repairs can be very costly.

Printing in Notepad

When you copy and paste a document into Notepad for printing, you do have some control over the print settings. Here is what you can do:

Go to File>> Page Setup. Under the 'Paper' category you can select the paper size that you are working with along with the paper source you would like to print from.

While still in the Page Setup window and in the Header and Footer text boxes, you will find syntax that will make Notepad do different things, such as:

* &f - shows the file name or "Untitled" if it doesn't have one
* &d - displays the date
* &t - inserts the time according to your computer's clock
* &p - shows the page number

Notepad allows for the use of more than one combination in the header and footer text boxes.

* && - puts in an ampersand (&)
* &l (for left)
* &c (for center)
* &r (for right) will align the header or footer.