General Virus Prevention

It is essential to the security of your computer system that you adopt a good security regimen. Below, you will find important steps that will help to keep your system secure:

* Update and run your anti-virus program regularly and configure it for automatic updates if available.
I recommend AVG
* Keep a firewall program installed, updated and with protection enabled at all times.
My recommendation is ZoneAlarm.
* Keep your adware/spyware scanners updated and use them regularly. I recommend running two quality scanners (Adaware SE and Spybot Search and Destroy)
Adware/Spyware scanners can be downloaded for free.
* Do not open files received by email or chat from unknown sources.
* Do not open files that end with a double file extension (e.g. System.txt.vbs).
* Do not download executable files on the Internet without scanning them first.
* Keep your Windows Operating System updated with the latest security updates available. To install security updates, click the link below and install the security updates listed under Critical Updates.
* When networking, be sure to password protect shared network drives.
* Disconnect infected computers from a local area network (LAN) to avoid infecting your other computers.