Sasser Worm Infection

In addition to a computer worm referred to as Gaobot or Agobot, that is currently infecting computers across the Internet, there is now another computer worm, known as Sasser, that is spreading across the Internet, exploiting the same apparent security vulnerability in Windows NT, 2000, 2003 or XP operating systems.

In response, we strongly urge you to immediately take the following security measures:

1. Use a personal software or hardware firewall to protect your computers from network worms and intruders.
2. Download and install all available critical patches for your Windows operating system from the Microsoft web site:
3. Use up-to-date anti-virus software to detect and remove Gaobot and Sasser or other computer worms and viruses.

It is extremely important you take these measures now because it's likely you will not be able to take these measures if your computer becomes infected.

If you have more than one computer using these specific Windows operating systems, you should perform these actions on all such computers that connect to the Internet. Failure to take appropriate action could result in infection of your system, slow browsing or the inability to connect to the Internet and spread of this problem - and could lead to suspension of your account.

Because computer worms do not spread by email, you may have little or no warning before your computers are infected.

If you are unable to connect to the Windows Update or Anti-Virus web sites, in order to download the removal tools or the patches for Windows and your anti-virus software, please contact Microsoft at 866-PCSAFETY or 866-727-2338.

Further information is available at: