Computer mouse

The computer mouse is the most extensively used user interface device and usually has to to be replaced or repaired first. A mouse with a trackball lasts for less than a year, if you use your computer for 8 to 10 hours a day. An optical mouse may work for a longer duration. Even products from large manufacturers like HP/Compaq Presario may not last for a long time. For one computer I purchased, they replaced the mouse 4 times in a period of 6 months! I was told by the service engineer, that this was a common problem for all computers of the particular model, a manufacturing defect. So if your computer is under warranty, and there is a problem with your mouse, it is advisable to ask the manufacturer to replace it.

How to fix problems in a computer mouse :

1. Many computer mouse problems are due to dirt, dust or some other obstruction. Clean the mouse, especially the lower surface where more dirt accumulates. Also clean the mouse pad.

2. Check if the mouse connectors are fitted properly especially the PS2 and USB connectors (for a laptop mouse).

3. The mouse drivers may be corrupted. Uninstall the mouse and restart the computer. The computer will automatically reinstall the mouse drivers. Also try to get the updated version of the mouse drivers from the manufacturers website.

4. Go to control panel and click on mouse icon. Check the settings, the double click and pointer settings should not be too fast or too slow. If there is a problem with the mouse buttons, you can interchange the primary and secondary buttons.

5. A new trackball mouse can be cleaned by opening it up and removing the lint. However, they do not last very long and are cheap (usually cost about 2$), so it is better to replace them.