Dreamweaver 8.0 Crashes on Windows Vista

It has been reported that Dreamweaver 8.0 might crash or freeze on some Windows Vista systems while browsing for files. This is caused by Office Groove that bundled with Office 2007 Ultimiate. To resolve this, you simply need to uninstall MS Office Groove. According to Adobe’s website, this issue will be resolved in the next Dreamweaver release (Spring, 2007) since Dreamweaver 8 was released long before the debut of Windows Vista and Office 2007.
Here’s a complete instruction on how to uninstall Office Groove 2007 component within Windows Vista:

1. Choose Start > Control Panel.
2. Click “Pograms/Uninstall”.
3. Select “Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007″.
4. Click the Change button.
5. When the Office setup wizard opens, select Add Or Remove Features.
6. Click the drop-down menu next to Microsoft Office Groove and select Not Available.
7. Proceed with the Groove uninstall.
8. Done.