Internet Explorer or E-mail Links Wont Open

Internet Explorer or E-mail Links Wont Open - PC Troubleshooting Computer Tips

Have you ever had an occasion where you cannot open a new Internet Explorer window or nothing occurs after you click a link? With Internet Explorer, Outlook or other web based programs you can have a hyperlink that you can click on to open a new browser window to take you to whatever web page it’s linked to. Sometimes when you click on that link nothing happens or you get a blank window or page.

This is most likely because one or more of the following files is missing, damaged, or improperly registered:

* Urlmon.dll
* Mshtml.dll
* Actxprxy.dll
* Oleaut32.dll
* Shell32.dll
* Shdocvw.dll

An easy fix for this is to download and install IEFix. It’s a free program that can be found here. IEFix Registers the core Internet Explorer libraries, repairs Internet Explorer using IE.INF method & fixes two important registry keys which are required to set Internet Explorer as default