Drive Image causes boot error messages

Error Messages:

"Err 5: Error Finding VFLOPPY.SYS
ERR 8: Fake floppy driver not found
Press any key to boot active partition."

Possible Cause:

Drive Image seems to be the cause of the error messages you are receiving. When the choice is made to backup a partition, Drive Image rewrites the MBR (Master Boot Record) of your hard drive creating a 'virtual' floppy disk being loaded which allows Drive Image to run and make the image. When it completes the image, it is suppose to rewrite the MBR so that you boot normally but in this case, that step was missed which has created these error messages.

A common reason for this can be that Windows XP has been set up to compress files on NTFS partitions. Here is how you can confirm that this is the problem:

1. Go to: Program Files\PowerQuest\DriveImage 2002\VFD folder
2. Select all of the compressed files displayed in blue, then right click one of them and remove the check mark in the "Compress contents to save disk space".
3. Click OK
4. Once all of the files are decompressed, click OK once again.
5. Run Drive Image 2002 again and make another drive image. Drive Image should now be able to run its course and clean up what it couldn't before.

If the above isn't the cause of the errors, then the best way to fix this would be to use the Recovery Console to re-write the MBR. Here's how:

For Windows 2000/XP Users:

1. Insert your Windows CD
2. Go to Start>> Run. Type in: FIXMBR [Enter]

For Windows 98/ME Users:

1. Boot from your Windows CD
2. At the A:\ prompt, type in: FDISK /MBR .