What is the Recovery Console and how can I install it?

The Recovery Console is a command line tool much like DOS. It is a valuable tool for troubleshooting or fixing Windows XP booting issues. The recovery Console can be used for other purposes such as:

*Copy, rename or replacing system files and folders
*Create and format addition drive partitions
*Enable or disable services
*Repair the file system

While you can always access the Recovery Console from the Windows XP CD, a better option is to go ahead and install it on to the operating system for quick access when needed. You will need about 7 megabytes of available hard disk space.

Here's how you can install the System Recovery tool:

1.Insert your Windows XP CD in to your CD-ROM
2.Once the installation options are displayed, click Exit
3.Go to Start>> Run. Type in : {E}:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons (replace the "E" in the command line with your CD-ROM's drive letter).
4.Press Enter on your keyboard
5.Follow the onscreen prompts to install the Recovery Console
6.Restart your computer

The Recovery Console will now show in the available boot options.

To see all of the available syntax for the Recovery Console, click the Microsoft article link below: